Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 10, 2013: Costco (S. San Francisco, CA)

DAY 10: OCTOBER 10th, 2013

LOCATION: Costco Food Court (451 S Airport Blvd, S San Francisco, CA)

ORDER: 1 slice of combination, 1 bite of cheese

GUEST(S): Shawn Amaro, Adrian Amaro, RJ Amaro, Robin Rothman

Wholesome goodness at a wholesale price.  Much like the products within the San Francisco Airport area Costco, the adjoining food court sells quality products at wholesale discount prices. Prepared especially to be cooked in a large electric conveyor oven, the pizza pie options include cheese, pepperoni, and the combination. Aesthetically, the large thin slice with a puffy outer edge resembles a typical New York street slice but the soft, overly chewy and underly flavored crust reveal its mass produced corporate origin.  For the price, the toppings alone are the reason to come back.  Costing the same price as a cheese slice, the combination slice consists of a low moisture mozzarella cheese, zesty pepperoni and sausage, crisp green pepper and onion, mushrooms and a generous amount of thick rich tomato sauce. I wouldn't recommend bringing a date here but the spacious cafeteria-esque dining area with bottomless fountain sodas makes it a great place to grab an inexpensive-yet-filling meal.  Unless you are a Costco member, it is unlikely that you will find yourself here.  That is probably for the best since in order to gain access to the restrooms - which are located within the store as opposed to the food court - you need to show your membership card. 


1. Shawn, Adrian, and RJ are the cute and happy family that successfully got Robin and I to the airport today.  I doubt I could have done it without them.  Thanks for a great stay.
2. Robin Rothman and I had to say "good bye" to our California Pizzamobile (Chevy Spark).  Thanks for the memories.

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