Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 4a, 2013: Village Pizzeria (Hollywood, CA)

DAY 4a: OCTOBER 4th, 2013
LOCATION: Village Pizzeria (6363 Yucca St., Hollywood, CA)
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Benjamin Oren, Melissa Oren, Tony Carnevale, Robin Rothman

A quintessential NY slice in LA.  If you're in Hollywood looking for a thin, foldable triangular slice of pizza with a thicker outer rim seeping orange oil, look no further than Village Pizzeria.   With all the NYC memorabilia surrounding the dining area, one might think they were in a Times Square souvenir shop, if it weren't for the fact its rather spacious and sparklingly clean.  I recommend the standard cheese slice.  Expect an irregular brittle crust and a paper thin underside cooked in a gas powered deck oven with more cheese than tomato sauce.  Also expect to like it.  I did.


1. Ben Oren and his wife Melissa Oren are not only married but writing partners.  They are currently working on a project called The Best Friend which has nearly reached its kickstarter goal.
2. Tony Carnevale is coming back to New York City for a rock and roll show called E-TV.  He and Robin will both be singing lead vocals with the amazing Terry Jinn on guitar.
3. Robin Rothman and I visited the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  It was on the stairs that apparently Shirley Temple had her first tap dance lesson.  Robin did a little soft shoe tribute.
4. Village Pizzeria has a mural with a landmark from Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Los Angeles - three places I look to visit this pizza month.

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13/18 = .722 x 5 = 3.61

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