Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 27, 2013: NY Pizza Suprema (Midtown, NYC)

DAY 27: OCTOBER 27th, 2013

LOCATION: NY Pizza Suprema (413 8th Ave, Midtown, NYC)

ORDER: 1 slice of mushroom

GUEST(S): Alan Fessenden, Gwen Mesco, Kevin Lalka, Emily Johnson, Matt Hammond, Shalini Tripathi, Scott Galante

Best Slice in the City. Somethings never change, hopefully NY Pizza Suprema is one of them. For over 40 years, this Italian owned pizzeria has been importing high quality ingredients into their refrigerator and exporting them on each and every pie they make. And they make a lot of pies. During lunch, the line of folks trying to get a slice of Suprema stretches almost across the street into Penn Station. It moves quickly thanks to the fast-handed pizzioli behind the counter. They are a happy staff proud to be maintaining the legacy and recipes of the late Salvatore Riggio.  The plain cheese, with its industry best low moisture Wisconsin mozzarella and naturally sweet California tomato sauce serves as the perfect base for any of the fresh toppings in Suprema's arsenal.

If you like it sweeter and more filling, try a slice of the Sicilian "upside down" pie - so named because the sauce is on top of the cheese. NY Pizza Suprema may look and charge like an ordinary slice place, but it tastes like your new favorite pizza joint. Stop by and try it, I'll meet you there.



1. Gwen Mesco, Kevin Lalka, Emily Johnson, Shalini Tripathi, Scott Galante and I just finished a sketch show with the rest of our troupe called American Wormholes.  Alan Fessenden is our director.  It's hard to believe at least a couple of us were wearing diapers just before this photo was taken.
2. Matt Hammond is in an improv group I coach called the Hand Me Downs.  He came to watch the show and then to watch us eat due to allergies.

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