Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 17, 2012: Sottocasa (Boerum Hill, Brooklyn)

DAY 17: OCTOBER 17th, 2012

LOCATION: Sottocasa (298 Atlantic Ave., Boerum Hill, Brooklyn)

ORDER: 1/4 individual Regginella, 1/2 individual Salsiccia, 1/8 individual Laura, 1/8 individual Capricciosa

GUEST: Charles Divak, Alana O'Brien, Robin Rothman

Sporting high-end drinks, soft music, and mood lighting, Sottocasa proves that eating pizza can not only be tasty, but date-friendly.  The high quality ingredients, intricate topping combinations, and skilled pizza chefs make each gourmet pie practically fine dining.  Since luxury comes at a price, you may want to resist the tempting Italian beers and wines as well as the sumptuous appetizers.  The wood-fired Neapolitan style pizzas are not just reasonably priced but creatively topped. The Laura, for instance, named after one of the owners, combines mascarpone (Italian cream cheese), speck and rosemary to the traditional fresh mozzarella and tomatoes for a completely unique synthesis of salty and sweet for a taste packed bite with a lingering-but-pleasant rosemary aftertaste.  Like most Italian style pies, olive oil is used early and often literally dampening the pie while enhancing the flavor.  Sottocasa, Italian for "doorstep" will definitely be seeing me darkening their doorstep again very soon.

 4.40 out of 5

  • VALUE:


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18.5/21 = .881 x 5 = 4.40

1. Charles and Alana recently adopted an adorable puppy named Ruby that is half Beagle and half something else but all cute.  I say this after Ruby spent 90% of the time with me biting me so she must REALLY be cute.
2. I got in a photo with one of the owners Luca Arrigoni.  He opened Sottocasa in late September 2011 and his wife, Laura, runs a blog for Italians visiting NYC - when I find it, I will link it here.


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