Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 31c; Pizza Month 2010 - J&V Pizzeria (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn)

DAY 31: OCTOBER 31st, 2010

LOCATION: J&V Pizzeria (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn)

ORDER: 1 slice of crispy grandma, half a slice of cheese, half a slice of Sicilian

GUEST: Scott Wiener, Ronnie Palmer, various other pizza tour guests

The quintessential South Brooklyn slice and a thin, saucy grandma.

Since 1950, J&V Pizzeria has been setting trends for New York pizza and creating new ones of their own. The name "J & V" comes from the first names of founders, Johnny Mortillaro and Vincent DeGrezia. When the Sicilian born Mortillaro teamed up with the Neopolitan born DeGrezia, a perfect pizza union was born. Given their heritage, it is no wonder J&V specializes in multiple styles of pizza. In addition to Siciian (square) and Neopolitan (circle), J&V also offers their signature twice-cooked grandma pie. All are cooked in a multi level rotisserie oven.

Every pizzas get plenty of tomato sauce, the industry's best Grande mozzarella, and dough made from a secret family recipe. The net result is a top quality slice no matter what style you choose. Over the past sixty plus years, J&V's Neopolitan cheese slice has become the industry standard cheese slice, a standard only the best pizzerias ever attain.

The most unique pie on the menu is the signature grandma pie. Pushed flat into a cookiesheet with a layer of cheese, the pie is placed in the oven for the first time so the dough is not given time to rise. Then, after being loaded with sauce, herbs, spices, and olive oil, it is then re-introduced to the rotisserie oven. The final result is a crispy thin yet surprisingly filling packed-with-flavor square slice of pizza that will make you want to come back even before you've left.

I look forward to re-visiting this Bensonhurst institution. Their website indicates a new location will soon be opening in Manhattan which could mean they might even be coming to me!


4.02 out of 5

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  • SERVICE: N/A 0/0

14.5/18 = .806 x 5 = 4.02

1. J&V is also known for their chicken rolls and the celebrated "Jo Jo sandwich."
2. This is Ronnie Palmer's favorite slice. He's the bus driver for Scott's Pizza Tours.

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