Sunday, October 25, 2009

DAY 24, Pizza Month 2009; Anselmo's (Red Hook)

DAY 24: OCTOBER 24th, 2009

Anselmo's (354 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, BROOKLYN)

half of a Italian Sausage, half of a Margherita

Robin Rothman


Coal-hearted newcomer. Anselmo's may be the new pizzeria on the block but the recipes are not. Even their Pecorino is aged (inside joke).

Every bite of the standard margherita contains a tangy tomato sauce, a hint of basil, and a burst of sharp and grated cheeses. After each bite, the flavor continues. The bitterness from the coal charred edges and the sourness from the intense pecorino romana leave a lingering aftertaste that might be all that you remember. While I, personally, enjoy it, I do prefer the crisp initial taste of the high quality ingredients.

One of these ingredients is the Italian Sausage. Order it and you will be pleasantly surprised when your pie comes out with a blend of both sweet and spicy sausage. I sure was. There was no shortage of topping either. Cow's milk fresh mozzarella comes standard with every order but I did notice buffalo mozzarella on the menu as well.

Overall, I am thrilled there is another coal fired pizza place. I am even more pleased to hear that they offer free public tastings of their product. To me, this indicates a commitment to excellence as well as the customer. Suffice to say, I'm [Red] hooked and will be back.


1. Anselmo's used to be a bakery with the coal oven in the basement. It has since been refurbished and moved, brick by brick upstairs to the pizzeria.
2. Combine a trip to Red Hook with a visit to IKEA, that's what we did. There's a free shuttle bus that leaves from Borough Hall constantly. It's good to have coal-fired pizza for dinner and wash it down with some IKEA Lingonberry soda.


Edited by Robin Rothman and nominated Best In Show at 2009 Slicey Awards ceremony


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