Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DAY 13, Pizza Month 2009 - Subway (Chelsea)

DAY 13: OCTOBER 13th, 2009

Subway (30th St and 8th Ave)

1 slice of a personal cheese with sausage

Matt Shafeek, Jen Sanders


Out of the bag and into the oven, the sub [par] way to make pizza. If you want to "eat fresh," then stick with the sandwiches. The pizzas are stored in the back, frozen in a vacuum-packed plastic bag with the crust already sauced and cheesed (if those were verbs).

It is quick. So, you won't have to wait more than 90 seconds to be disappointed. Since we ordered sausage, there was some amount of prep work that had to be done. The sandwich artist grabbed some sausage from the freezer in the back and tossed it on board the frozen crust. He topped it all off with a blend of shredded cheeses from the "make table" and put it in the oven and pushed the "pizza" button.

The cheese tossed on immediately before the oven was my favorite part. There was the characteristic stringy-ness that likely came from the mozzarella in the mix and also a nice taste, probably from a mild cheddar. I found the crust spongy and undercooked. Perhaps, three more seconds in the convection oven might have done the trick.

In the end, my guests and I likened the taste, appearance, consistency to Elio's frozen pizzas. Knowing this, I would recommend adding plenty of tasty toppings like you might do with Elio's at home. I do recommend going to subway, but for the sandwiches, not the pizza.


1. Afterward, I saw Jen Sanders perform in a musical improv comedy show at the nearby Magnet Theater. That show, called ONCE UPON A TIME is awesome. People make up songs on the spot.

2. Matt Shafeek is my sidekick in my talk show, The Spotlight with Sean Taylor.


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