Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DAY 14, Pizza Month 2009 - Roberta's (Bushwick)

DAY 14: OCTOBER 14th, 2009

Roberta's (261 Moore St. Bushwick, BROOKLYN)

3 slices of a Margherita, 2 slices of a Specken Wolf, 1 slice of a Millenium Falco

Adrian Rose, Shawn Amaro


A masterpiece! Travel out to Morgan Avenue on the L train and take a look around. Amongst the graffiti covered warehouses and bent street signs ("BOGART St." bent to read "ART St."), there's a caged-up window, a dirty ATM, and a cursive sign reading "Roberta's."

You have arrived.

Regardless of whether or not you categorize the restaurant and surrounding area as "urban art" or the work of vandals, Roberta's pizza is an undeniable masterpiece.

It could be the red onions and smoked prosciutto on the Specken Wolf that takes you on a magic pizza ride. Couple it with the sausage on the Millenium Falco and you may be doing the Kessel Run in "less than twelve parsecs." But don't let the pun-filled menu distract you (as it has me), the ingredients are among the best. Proof of this lies at the core; the basic Margherita.

Fresh mozzarella (made in-house) melted into a rich tomato sauce and garnished with basil grown in the greenhouse out back seems basic enough. But toss it in an imported Italian wood-fired brick oven and cook it perfection renders the Margherita anything but "basic." Also, at $8 a pie, it's one of the best deals around.

I will be back to Roberta's...with friends. It's one of those places you can introduce your friends to and watch with a smile on your face as the pizza brings one to theirs.


1. The Millennium Falco is no longer on the menu but Adrian Rose loves it so much she mentioned it to the waiter who asked the cook who agreed to resurrect the recipe.
2. Shawn Amaro is editing this video and he mentioned something about an exploding car. i hope he finds a way to use it in the vid.


Video edited by Shawn Amaro and winner of Best In Show at the 2009 Slicey Award ceremony


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21/21= 1.0 x 5 = 5.00


Paulie Gee said...

I told you that you'd love the place. It's off the hook.

Anonymous said...

I am anxiously awaiting the video for this one.

Also in the future try to do the upskirt shot for all the pies that are worth it.

Yrrah said...

I've been to Roberta's twice. The first time, I only was at the bar. The second time, after seeing your review, I got pizza. It really was amazing. Next time I am in Brooklyn I am absolutely getting another pizza from Roberta's. You were spot on with your review.

Sean Taylor said...

Thanks for liking the review, yrrah. Hope the video was what you were looking for, climbhighak--it was my favorite of the month!