Thursday, November 20, 2008

DAY 23: OCTOBER 23rd, 2008 - Slice

DAY 23: OCTOBER 23rd, 2008

LOCATION: Slice (St. Charles St. and Terpichore St, New Orleans)

ORDER: 2 slices of shrimp and andouille

GUEST(S): Valerie Taylor and Matt Floyd

PIZZA REVIEW: Shrimp and spice and everything at a great price. This place rules! Straight up from the sturdy cornbread crust through the spicy tomato based sauce and into the plentiful and flavorful toppings, the featured pie has it all. "All" includes shrimp, chives, andouille, peppers and even corn. A single large pizza is enough for at least three hungry adults and even when you wash it down with a pitcher of New Orleans brewed Abita, it still works out to about $7 apiece. And why not take a pitcher on the road. New Orleans permits open containers so long as it's not in a glass container. For so many reasons, Slice definitely being one of them, I have to go back to New Orleans.

1. This place is located right on the St. Charles street car line.

2. I am in New Orleans for the New Orleans Improv Festival (NOIF) with my improv team Junior Varsity.

3. Valerie Taylor, my sister, and her boyfriend, Matt Floyd, drove to New Orleans from their home in Baton Rouge to take me to Slice on the recommendation of Amy Cyrex Sins, author of the Ruby Slippers New Orleans cook book.


Slicey Award winner for "Best New Orleans Pizza Experience" in Pizza Month 2008
Edited by Sean Taylor


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20/21 = .952 x 5 = 4.75

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Anonymous said...

I think you just like the pizza because you were soused on cheap beer. Not like that is a bad combo.

Have watched every day until now and am continuing through the entire month.