Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DAY 21: OCTOBER 21st, 2008 - Lou Malnati's

DAY 21: OCTOBER 21st, 2008

LOCATION: Lou Malnati's (N. Wells St. and Hubbard St., Chicago)

ORDER: 1 slice of thin cheese, half a slice of spinach pan

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Karisa Bruin, Adam Rife

PIZZA REVIEW: Preserving Chicago style pizza through thick and thin. While at Pizzeria Uno, Lou Malnati helped develop a recipe that made Chicago deep dish pizza what it is today. Loaded with chunky tomato sauce and layers of cheese, a couple of slices of Lou Malnati's pan pizza easily constitutes a full meal. Malnati's, like many area pizzerias, also produces a thin crust pizza. I couldn't resist, I had a little of both. The tomato sauce, alone, makes the pizza worthwhile to me so the mozzarella cheese and chewy crust are bonus. With each flavorful bite it became clearer and clearer why there were three large dining areas and a waiting room. The word is out on this place. When you (and everyone else) see the name "Lou Malnati's" you know it's good pizza.

1. Adam Rife water skis every year, early and often.

2. The post pizza analysis was filmed right outside of the Buckingham Fountain - known best in the intro to Married With Children. Anyway, it's under construction now so I couldn't that close to it.


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18/21 = .857 x 5 = 4.286

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