Sunday, October 5, 2008

DAY 2: OCTOBER 2nd, 2008 - Two Boots

DAY 2: OCTOBER 2nd, 2008

LOCATION: Two Boots (3rd St and Avenue A, NYC)

ORDER: half a small andouille sausage pie

GUEST(S): David Carl, Shawn Amaro, Carson Pinch, Griffen Newman, Louie Pearlman, Taylor Davis, Nora Weiss, Mike Short, Rosemary Stevens

PIZZA REVIEW: Two Boots offers a traditional pizza with a Cajun kick. Dats right deez boots are made for kickin'. If the pies in the display case look more agin' than Cajun, then do what I did and order yourself a fresh pie with andouille sausage. It's like pepperoni with a capital "PEPPER!" The tangy tomato sauce and solid corn bread encrusted underside are bonus. Go to Two Boots for the toppings with that Cajun kick, otherwise you'll kick yourself.

1. All of my guests attended and/or performed in tonight's Variety Underground. That is a once-a-month free comedy variety show hosted by Shawn Amaro and I at the Parkside Lounge. Look for it the first Thursday of every month and on the web at

2. Several of my guests combined to nearly drain the entire contents of a Nesquick chocolate syrup container.


3.33 out of 5
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12/18 = .667 x 5 = 3.33

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