Saturday, October 11, 2008

DAY 10: OCTOBER 10th, 2008 - Joe's Pizza

DAY 10: OCTOBER 10th, 2008

LOCATION: Joe's Pizza (Carmine St. and Bleecker St., NYC)

ORDER: 1 slice of plain

GUEST(S): Charles Gussow, Kelsey Beckner, Robin Rothman

PIZZA REVIEW: Eat at Joe's...Pizza. Tourists and New Yorkers unite at this late night West Village pizza joint. For the past 25 years, Joe's has been making and, likely, defining the archetypical New York slice. With its chewable outer edge and firm underside, each bite delievers a hot-out-of-the-oven taste combining just the right amount of cheese, sauce, and grease to "hit the spot." It's open late and centrally located so it's be there when you need it - just check with your pores and arteries before ordering a second slice.

1. In the video clip, Kelsey Beckner and Charles Gussow explain the reaction we received when attempting to video tape on the premises of Joe's Pizza.

2. Robin Rothman asked me for a bite of my slice and I had to refuse. After all, I have to eat an entire slice each day so an entire slice minus one bite would not do!


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12/18 = .667 x 5 = 3.3333

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