Friday, September 19, 2008

So You Think You Can Be America's Next Top Pizza Video Editor?

Do you video edit? Are you any good at it? Well, consider this an invitation to prove it!

Next month is National Pizza Month (October) and this year, like last year, I am going to be video tape my quest for the 31 days of pizza. If you want to see the 31 videos from last year, go here...
Pizza Month '07

These videos reflect 31 different pizza locations and range in time from two to five minutes and all have a similar feel to them. This is because they were all edited on my computer.

2008 will be different! Although I intend to edit a majority of the videos, I am setting aside the raw footage of several days in October for editors to "strut your stuff". Then, in early December, there will be a screening (with pizza) for the videos.

Want to be America's Next Top Pizza Video Editor? Have any questions?

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