Saturday, October 28, 2006

Day 28, 2006: Il Forno (Corona, Queens)

LOCATION: Il Forno - Corona Pizza (51-23 108th Street, Corona, QUEENS)
GUEST(S): Erik Marcisak
ORDER: 2 slices of Margarita, 0.5 slice of grandma
PIZZA REPORT: Freshly prepared or prepare for disappointment.  I had a little of each, very little of the latter.  Il Forno, the name of the brick oven according to the woman behind the counter, has the words "Grandma" and "Margarita" displayed prominately.  The woman further informed me that these were Corona Pizza's signature pizzas.  Rather than decide, I orderd a fresh Margarita (spelled here like the drink) pie and a reheated Grandma slice.  The method of heating/reheating made all the difference.  Both slices had fresh mozzarella cheese, a brilliantly red tomato sauce, and a sturdy brick oven crust.  The grandma slice, in addition to these ingredients, had a layer of regular shredded mozzarella.  Since it was reheated, however, this additional layer had a very rubbery consistency that was very distracting.  Furthermore, the sauce pockets on the grandma slice were smaller and more dried up resulting in less sauce.  Although I was not a fan, the grandma slice did provide the perfect foil for the freshly cooked Margarita pie.  The sauce was plentiful and evenly distributed as was the cheese which, by the way, was all fresh mozzarella.  Corona Pizza makes good pizza, so long as its consumed quickly.
ATMOSPHERE: When you crave some good pizza after watching a great Mets game, Corona Pizza is the place.  Your walk from Shea will take you next to the Unisphere, the Queens zoo, and Flushing meadows.  If its the offseason or you are more of an Italian Ice fan, you will be happy to know that the Lemon Ice King of Corona is across the street from Corona Pizza.  No frills inside though.  You got an old dirty sign with the menu, a greasy glassed-in counter-top with partially served pizzas, paper plates and a 10 table eating area.  The music volume fluctuates as does the employee banter - all of the makings of a classic New York pizza joint.  If you're in the area and craving a piece of New York, stop by Il is it called Corona Pizza?   
VERDICT: 3 out of 5 
MISC.: Erik Marcisak and I both accidently wore our Mets hoodies.  Not surprisingly, we talked about the Mets but also managed to address the larger issues of Italian Ice and magical girls.  Here we are outside the Lemon Ice King of Corona.
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