Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Day 5, 2005: Arturo's Pizzeria (W. Village, NYC)

DAY 5: October 5th
LOCATION: Arturo's Pizzeria (Houston St and Thompson St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Rachael Mason
ORDER: 4 slices of a large Arturo's Fiesta

PIZZA REPORT: A piece of Art-uros. This place is actually loaded with art by Arturo in addition to delicious coal-fired pizza. This coal-fired pizza differs from other coal-fired pizza places because the crust is much thicker at the base of the slice. The Arturo's fiesta, the specialty pizza we ordered, came with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and sausage. While I strongly recommend it, four toppings is probably pushing the limit on coal-fired pizza. Reason being, each slice, despite the solid foundation crust, was weighed down too much in the center to hold it's shape. But the toppings were so good, it didn't matter if they didn't stay on the slice. After we finished the whole pie, I noticed some abandoned sausage and peppers on the tray which I promptly forked and devoured. Even without the crust and tomato sauce the toppings stood alone. This is the sign of really well made pizza. My favorite part of Arturo's pizza was the thing I just mentioned in the previous sentence. The sauce, cheese, toppings, and crust are all very high quality. When combined, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts - and the sum of the parts is a very high number! Now look at me, I'm trying to apply science to art[uro's].
  • We sat outside because it was such a beautiful night. While it was nice, we were unable to hear the free live jazz they play inside, we were accosted by a scary beggar, and we came to the realization that Houston is a rather loud street.
  • Rachael Mason is a city girl and does not know how to ride a bike nor does she own a driver's license.
  • Beware, as coal-fired pizza cools the crust becomes very hard and really does a number to the inside of your mouth. it while it's hot!

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