Sunday, October 30, 2005

Day 30, 2005: Una Pizza Napoletana (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 30: October 30th
LOCATION: Una Pizza Napoletana (12th St and 1st Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Garrett Palm, Kitzi Taylor
ORDER: seven-eighths of an individual margharita pizza

PIZZA REPORT: Splash! Una Pizza Napoletana serves authentic Naples pizza from a wood burning brick oven until "the dough runs out". The dough is the limiting factor and, clearly, the olive oil is not. Each individual pizza is loaded up with all the freshest ingredients then doused with copious amounts of olive oil. The chef himself prides himself on his own special recipe touting the healthy benefits of the oil. I, personally, could have done with less oil. Our pizzas were served uncut, but as soon as I put the knife through the perfectly cooked crust, I realized why. The bread levee had been breached and the olive oil emptied onto my plate. It wasn't long before the whole underside of the pizza was saturated. In order to minimize the onslaught of "the soggies" (thank you, Cap'n Crunch) I began to devour my pizza as quick as possible. It was truly delicious. My favorite part were the ingredients. The fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, superb tomato sauce (albeit light), the unique blend of Italian spices, and even the virgin olive oil nearly made it worth its price tag. By the end, the oil had only rendered one slice of my pie "too soggy to eat". Some patrons really love this style of pizza. Afterall, this is how Una Pizza Napoletana does their pizza. It's unlike any other pizza I have ever had. For that, I admire their creativity and do anticipate going back.
  • Here is the slice claimed by "the soggies"
  • Kitzi and I signed the guest book as we left. For the "address" section we were supposed to comment on the pizza so I put "Soupy...but I'll be back."
  • Garrett Palm and I both have family roots out West and were both raised attending churches that comparably few others attend.

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