Monday, October 3, 2005

Day 3, 2005: PINCH (Kips Bay, NYC)

DAY 3: October 3rd
LOCATION: Pinch (Park Ave South bet 29th and 30th st, NYC)
GUEST(S): Ashley Ward
ORDER: 6" cheese, 6" pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Pinch me! PINCH, short for P[izza by the]INCH sells rectangular platter style thin crusted pizza based on the # of inches ordered. Really tasty pizza too. My favorite part of PINCH was its overall uniqueness. Everything had an artsy edge to it. From the shredded (vs sliced) pepperoni, to the rectangular plywood pizza tray, to the thin delicatedly distributed fresh mozzarella cheese, this place is one of a kind. Of course, it helped that the pizza was delicious.
  • Our waitress was extremely nice and while explaining how the pizza was served she revealed a tattoo on her inner arm unlike any tattoo I have ever seen. It was words, but not like "mom" or "R.I.P.", instead it read, "If young hearts were not so clever, Oh, they would be young for ever." A rhyming couplet, right there on her arm! By the way, this rhyming couplet is from the poem "Think no more, lad..." by Alfred Edward Housman.
  • Ashley Ward was on the television show JEOPARDY! and she won. Although it shouldn't surprise me considering Ashley is a former Jeopardy! champ, she also knows more about Coca Cola than anyone I've ever met. If you're ever competing against her and Coke is the Final Jeopary! category, look out!

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