Saturday, October 22, 2005

Day 22, 2005: L&B Spumoni Gardens (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn)

DAY 22: October 22nd
LOCATION: L&B's Spumoni Gardens (86th St and Ave U in Bensonhurst, BROOKLYN)
GUEST(S): Michelle Dobrawsky, Rachel Caruso
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of Sicilian cheese, 1 slice of Sicilian pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Red alert! Tomato sauce red, that is. At L&B Spumoni Garden, the Sicilian style pizza comes with the sauce on top of the cheese. My favorite part of Spumoni Garden pizza was the blend of the sauce with the other toppings on the Sicilian pies (their signature). The fresh mozzarella, Italian spices and parmesan cheese combined with their home made sauce is truly mouth-watering. The pizzas themselves are cooked very thoroughly. This was evidenced in the charred crust around the edges and very sturdy consistency of the underlying crust throughout. I attempted to eat the crust on the edge of the pie but it was just too hard. When I go back, I'll try again. Since it was on the menu, I also ordered a slice of Neopolitan pizza as well. Although the cheese wasn't fresh mozzarella, the sauce more than made up for it. It was a different kind of sauce than what was on the Sicilian but that just means it was a different kind of delicious. If you do go to the dine-in section, however, I do not recommend ordering the Neopolitan style pizza mainly because they bring it to you 10 minutes before anything else you order on a plate. Also, as the waiter makes his way to your table, the other patrons look at you with a I-can't-believe-you-ordered-THAT scorn. Too bad too...because it's good.
  • spumoni is a type of dessert that mixes ice cream with other goodies. That is what the Spumoni garden was named after and had I known this before I posted this journal entry, I would have ordered one. Oh well, I'll be back.
  • Michelle Dobrawsky is a lawyer from Long Island whose accent gets stronger the closer she gets to her home (geographically). The Spumoni Garden is way out in Brooklyn - close enough to her home to detect a difference but still far enough to understand her.
  • Rachel Caruso takes really difficult college courses like anatomy "for fun".
  • I almost went to New Hampshire this weekend. See, today was the homecoming game at Dartmouth College, my alma mater. Even though I graduated over 6 years ago, I have an amazing attendance record at homecoming. It's my annual opportunity to break out my shirt that I only wore to football games as an undergrad. I decided to wear it anyway. Dartmouth beat Columbia 17-6

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