Friday, October 8, 2004

Day 8, 2004: John's Pizzeria (Midtown, NYC)

DAY 8: October 8th
LOCATION: John's Pizzeria (260 West 44th St at 8th Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Kate Spencer, Maggie Kemper, Nate Shelkey, Violet Krumbein, Pete Olsen, Amy Rhodes, Terry Jinn, Pat Baer, Petra Boden
ORDER: 2 slices of Peppers and Mushrooms, 1 slice of Cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Divine. Ambience should not affect the taste of pizza but this one-time church's beautiful artwork, high ceilings, and unique floor layout really adds something to the average pizza-going experience. The murals and stained glass, however, weren't the only pieces of art in John's Pizzeria tonight. The pizza that came out of one of the multiple coal-fired brick ovens was a thing of beauty. The mushrooms and freshly cut green peppers that were so perfectly distributed atop the melted mozzarella made it near criminal to eat it. But "eat it" I did...and at a very rapid pace as well. I also had a slice of a cheese pie. I must say if you want good pizza in it's purest form, just order one large cheese pizza and don't share it with anyone.
  • While most people were watching either the baseball playoffs or the Presidential Debate, the cast, crew, and good percentage of the Girl Crush 2040 audience went for pizza. Who was the real winner tonight - Bush, Kerry, David Ortiz, or Pizza? I think you know the answer.
  • Kate Spencer and I think Johnny Damon should be considered as a candidate for Most Valuable Player of the American League divisional series. I wonder though, do they name an MVP of a divisional series?
  • Maggie Kemper has veto power on all photos. She always looks great so she probably only uses the power on photos she's not in.
  • Nate Shelkey loves bridges. Not the bridges that span waterways but musical passages that link two sections of a composition.
  • Violet Krumbein prefers crust-like-a-cracker pizza.
  • Pete Olsen reads transcripts of the debates.
  • It was an honor to be seated next to Terry Jinn, one of the best Halo players I know. He seems like a nice guy but I hear when he picks up the joystick, he becomes a ruthless killer. This ruthless killer was also able to persuade Amy Rhodes to stop by and join us at John's.
  • Pat Baer is preparing to document the eating of a bag of chips every day.
  • I found out my little sister, 20 years old, got engaged yesterday (well, 11:45pm, October 6th to be exact). Here's a photo of her, her fiance, and her ring.

    While this whole thing makes me feel old, I'm really excited for my sister and couldn't wait to tell my friends. Lucky for me, my pizza guests included several girls. Petra Boden, for one, thought that was adorable. It's not that the guys didn't care, they just don't use words like "adorable".

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