Friday, October 29, 2004

Day 29, 2004: Otto Enoteca (Greenwich Village, NYC)

DAY 29: October 29th
LOCATION: Otto Enoteca (1 Fifth Avenue, NYC)
GUEST(S): Tara Quinn
ORDER: five slices of an individual margherita with pepperoni, one slice of mushroom

PIZZA REPORT: Ultrathin, ultragood! My pizza was amazing. I was truly impressed with Otto's margherita pizza with pepperoni. It had to be the tomato sauce. It was fresh, spicy, and in the perfect amount. When combined with the ultrathin crust, the buffala fresh mozzarella cheese, and the pepperonis a true masterpiece was formed. I did trade one-sixth of my masterpiece for one-sixth of a mushroom pizza too. The mushroom slice was good and probably even 'great' on any other day, but the bar had been set pretty high at that point so I would have to give the mushroom slice a rating of 'adequate'.
  • Otto is an Enoteca which I found out means "wine bar, store, or combination of both". Otto is a combination of both.
  • Tara does a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira.
  • When taking a photo of my pizza, I nearly lost 1/3 of it to gravity.

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