Sunday, October 24, 2004

Day 24, 2004: Sal's Pizzeria (Cobble Hill, Brooklyn)

DAY 24: October 24th
LOCATION: Sal's Pizzeria (305 Court St, BROOKLYN)
GUEST(S): Michael Jeffrey Cohen, Rachael Mason, Erika Kern, Tony Carnevale, Maddy Mako
ORDER: 1 slice of white, 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: White on! The white slice I ate was outstanding. The little bits of spinach mixed masterfully in the cheese with a hint of garlic...all on a brick oven baked crust. The cheese slice was orange, so next to the white slice (with green spinach), I had all the colors of the Irish flag. Obviously, in order to be that orange, the cheese slice must have been made with a different type of cheese than the white but I still liked it. I like the cheese slice and loved the white slice. At first I was wondering why they would cook the slices in a brick oven then reheat them as needed in a conventional oven. Then I think I figured it out. Brick oven pizza makes each slice more flavorful and more sturdy. However, since a brick oven cooks the crust at such a high temperature, a slice cannot endure another brick oven cook cycle.
  • Despite the fact there were 4 ovens in the pizza place (1 brick, 3 conventional), the weather conditions in the seating area were the same as outside...meaning it was COLD. But don't get me wrong, Sal's does have the customers' best interest in mind. If you don't believe me, just look at the sign Rachael Mason noticed on the bathroom door: 

    "Bathroom is for Customers Only! Ask for Key. $5.00 Charge for Non-Customers. No Exceptions. Please don't ask." So, to clarify, you can still use the restroom even if you are a non-customer, it's just going to cost you the price of two slices and a coke.
  • Tony Carnevale performed at a SciFi convention this past year that he attended 10 years ago. He observed the same stuff one usually finds at such a convention with one exception. In addition to the trekkies, Star Wars fanatics and comic book crowd there were also people that 'like to dress up as furry stuffed animals and have sex'. None of the other convention folk seemed to mind (or even notice) leading Tony to conclude that sometime in the last 10 years, the SciFi community has accepted and embraced the furries.
  • After eating pizza, Maddy Mako, Erika Kern, Michael Jeffrey Cohen, Tony Carnevale and I went to visit Chris Schneider and his new baby boy, Tucker. Here's a photo of the two of them.

    (L to R: Tucker, Chris)

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