Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Day 20, 2004: Bravo Pizza (Flatiron, NYC)

DAY 20: October 20th
LOCATION: Bravo Pizza (257 Park Ave South, NYC)
GUEST(S): Andrew Butterworth
ORDER: 1 slice of fresh mozzarella Neopolitan style, 1 slice of fresh mozzarella Sicilian style

PIZZA REPORT: Naples beats Sicily, but the mozzarella cheese tops them both (in more ways than one). I think the temperature of the slices gave the Neopolitan (triangular) slice the edge over the Sicilian (rectangular) slice. I understand that the doughy consistency is implied with a Sicilian slice but so should an increased cook (or re-cook) time. Since it wasn't fully reheated, I sort of had the feeling I was eating a warm sponge. Sure it was a warm sponge topped with delicious fresh mozzarella cheese, but a warm sponge nonetheless. The sauce was well applied on both slices and the crust was pretty consistent throughout so really the only drawback of these conventional oven slices was the temperature - and that may have been because I chose two different styles. I'll test that theory when I go back.
  • The decor of this Bravo Pizza place was in a word, "Yankee". From the pennants, to the posters, to the full-size body cut outs of Jeter and Giambi, this place was screaming "Yankees". They even had a TV playing a sports station on discussing what Andy Butterworth and I assumed was Yankee stadium. Since the sound was off and Andy is a Red Sox fan, it was easy to tune it out and just enjoy our pizza but all of a sudden they cut to a shot of the stadium being blown up. Imagine that! Yankee stadium being blown up and all we could think about was "Wow, does this mean game 7 [of the ALCS] will be played in Boston?" Turns out it was footage of Veteran's stadium being blown up in Philadelphia.

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