Saturday, October 2, 2004

Day 2, 2004: Gigino Trattoria (Tribeca, NYC)

DAY 2: October 2nd
LOCATION: Gigino Trattoria (323 Greenwich St; bet Duane and Reade Sts, NYC)
GUEST(S): Charlie Todd, Alan Fessenden, Tony Carnevale
ORDER: 1 individual pepperoni pizza

PIZZA REPORT: Good and gone. This pizza looked and tasted perfect...the one drawback is that it may not be big enough to satisfy your appetite. It didn't take me long to eat every bit of it - including the tasty brick oven charred-to-perfection crust. I use the phrase "may not be big enough" because there is a possibility that my appetite opened up since it tasted so good. I swear I detected a mixture of cheeses and maybe some olive oil in addition to the sauce and pepperoni that made every bite a flavorful experience. It was what I imagine a gourmet restaurant in Italy would give you if you ordered a pizza.

  • I took a photo of the oven where all the pizza is made. It takes up a pretty good percentage of space in the restaurant. That being said, I think if I ever have the space and the resources, I would love to buy an oven like this and eat pizza all day everyday.
  • Charlie Todd's gym membership enables him to shower just about anytime and anywhere in the city including across the street from the pizza place. He opted not to before we got pizza but did say "it's nice to know that I could if I wanted to."
  • Breaking News: Alan Fessenden may soon be changing his facial hair pattern. You know what that more comparisons to Captain Morgan
  • Tony Carnevale and Charlie Todd love the band Magnetic Fields. Tony even emails one of the band members. What if they take his email and make a song out of it? That would be cool. Be looking out for a Tony based Magnetic Fields song in the near future.

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