Monday, October 18, 2004

Day 18, 2004: Famous Original Ray's Pizza (Kips Bay, NYC)

DAY 18: October 18th
LOCATION: Famous Original Ray's Pizza (26th st and Lexington, NYC)
GUEST(S): Matt Pack
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Famous Original Ray's Pizza was created in 1964. The slice of pizza I ate may also have been from 1964. It was old and cold before it went back in the oven. The oven was able to bring out the orange color, a bunch of grease, and some crust brittleness. The tomato sauce was this slice's only redeeming quality and, perhaps, the single factor that enabled me to finish the entire slice. I have decided that if you work late and arrive right before closing, the chances of getting a slice from a new pizza are very slim.
  • How close to closing did we arrive? Well, right after I grabbed a slice Matt and I took a no-look photo of us outside of Ray's. I noticed that I cut off like half of my head so I went to take another one and that's when the lights went out.
  • Matt Pack and I were tentatively going to meet around 8pm. He said "Just call me when you finish work. I'll be studying until then." Thanks to my boss, Matt Pack studied for an additional 3+ hours.

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