Saturday, October 25, 2003

Day 25, 2003: Pizza Hut (Boston, MA)

DAY 25: October 25th
LOCATION: Pizza Hut (Boston, MASS) at Nat Rink's birthday Party (Somerville, MASS)
GUEST(S): Andy Butterworth, Nat Rink
ORDER: 2 slices of medium pepperoni, 2 slice of supreme stuffed crust

PIZZA REPORT: I like Pizza Hut. The pan and stuffed crusts each have a quality to them that, if not eaten constantly, truly provide a unique pizza-enjoying experience. Also, since the cheese is not quite as emphasized in Pizza Hut pizza (from a taste perspective) I recommend getting one or more toppings. I enjoyed eating both the meat and the vegetables on my pizza and was happy to see that neither were centerloaded nor too sparse. Very well made pizza and nice reminder of my pre-NY pizza days.
  • Here are some photos of Nat Rink's birthday party, provided by Andy Butterworth's camera.

  • Andy got Nat the PS2 game Burnout for his birthday. It is a fun game. I think Andy pulled ahead of me on Nat's list of friends with this gift.
  • Nat Rink won the pong tournament held at his apartment, during his birthday party, set up according to his parameters. It might sound like I'm bitter but I'm more impressed. He beat me, Andrew Butterworth, and five others en route to the championship. I fell asleep before the closing ceremonies, but I assume his victory was rewarded handsomely.

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