Friday, October 24, 2003

Day 24, 2003: Sal's (Mamaroneck, NY)

DAY 24: October 24th
LOCATION: Sal's (Mamaroneck, New York) out of the trunk of Mark Lee's car (11 Madison Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Andrew Butterworth, Mark Lee
ORDER: 3 slices of pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Great taste delivered to my place of work and to my stomach. The pie was slightly oranger than a typical NYC Neopolitan style pizza making me think that Sal's may use more than just mozzarella cheese. The pepperonis were all well placed with just the right amount of spicyness, the crust was just firm enough to be foldable, and the sauce... just delicious. It makes sense why there was a 40 minute line at Sal's at 11am. This is good pizza.
  • Mark Lee wanted me to try Sal's pizza so badly that he bought a pie in distant Westchester, NY during lunch then drove it all the way to my work in midtown Manhattan. We had to stay near the car since he parked in a load zone, so we just popped the trunk and starting eating there. I eventually got cold so we finished the pie inside the car.
  • Andrew Butterworth knows so much about the Chinatown bus to Boston that I swear he's actually reading the Chinese characters on the side.
  • Mark Lee is the organ player for Madison Square Garden. So when you're at a Knicks game or rooting on the Rangers, know that the music you're hearing is made by none other than Mark Lee (markon10th).

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