Thursday, October 10, 2002

Day 10, 2002: Due Amici (Astoria, Queens)

DAY 10: October 10th
LOCATION: Due Amici (30th ave & 49th St, QUEENS)
GUEST: Erik Tanouye
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese
PIZZA REPORT: Idyllic. The sauce, cheese, and crust were all great. All the things this slice wasn't: overly greasy, red edgy, overcooked, too small, painful to my mouth.
MISC.: Erik and I went to our favorite local pizza place here in Astoria, Queens. It's never let us down in the past and the streak continues (even on a near-binary day like today). Yes it's 10/10/02, which-as Erik and I discovered- is actually 2/2/2 if the day and month were in binary converted to base 10 and the year were already in base 10. Also, there are four (4) zeros in the expanded date (10/10/2002) which won't happen again for another ten days! And furthur, if you were to look at the '/' like a computer and actually divide '10' into '10' into '2002' it would be the day '2002' (because the tens would cancel. And you thought it was just any ordinary 'October 10th'...

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