Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 4d, 2013: Mother Dough (Los Feliz, CA)

DAY 4d: OCTOBER 4th, 2013

LOCATION: Mother Dough (4648 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz, CA)

ORDER: 1/2 personal margherita, 1 slice of clam

GUEST(S): Erica Rivinoja, Prince Neelankavil, Benjamin Oren, Robin Rothman

Dough-licious!  As one might expect with a name like Mother Dough, every pie that comes out of the imported Italian wood-fired oven could be in a textbook dedicated to Neopolitan style crust.  If one does not exist, it could be penned by pizziolo Bez Compani who not only strives for perfection, he kneads it!  Resting atop the soft, chewy crust. are the high quality ingredients ranging from the traditional San Marzano tomato and fresh mozzarella to more exotic topping combinations.  The clam and onion with a hint of lemon is my personal favorite.  Pair your pie with one of many wine or beer choices and your date and/or dinner is off to a great start.  It's not cheap but definitely worth the dough.

Park in the Chase parking lot for free or use the valet for the neighboring restaurant.


1. Prince, Ben, Erica, and I all met at Dartmouth College.  We're also all big fans and/or former members of the Dog Day Players improvisation comedy troupe.
2. Erica Rivinoja wrote the screenplay for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and is credited on over 80 episodes of South Park.
3. Prince Neelankavil is an awesome doctor with a great sense of humor. He's also got a great smile he uses often.  Who wouldn't love THAT kind of doctor?
4. After dinner, Robin Rothman and I visited Ben Oren's house in Los Feliz. It's a great house which I understand he was thinking of leaving but thankfully got new drapes instead.
5. I met the owner/chef Bez Compani.  He is a perfectionist that makes every pie Mother Dough sells.  He also recognized me from my blog.
Bez Compani and I.  Photo Credit: Robin Rothman

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20/21 = .952 x 5 = 4.76

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