Saturday, November 10, 2012

Post Pizza Euphoria...

If your Pizza Month 2012 was half as delicious as mine, then it's safe to say that October 2012 was a pretty good month.  It's nice to take a moment to reflect upon the great food, great company, and great pizzerias I experienced this past October.

Best Pie.... Sausage at JOHN'S BLEECKER ST.
Best New Discovery.... Baked Potato pie at PETE ZAAZ

Here are some Pizza Month milestones that occurred during October 2012...
1. Had French Pizza for the first time
2. Experienced a Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy)
3. Ate pizza in Tennessee
5. Saw a guy toss dough that was on fire at Slice Out Hunger
7. Actually enjoyed a slice of pizza that was potentially healthy
8. Made my first trip to Red Bank, NJ
9. I instagram'd every day....

 There is definitely a delicious new trend of wood-fired brick oven Neapolitan style pizzerias popping up all over Brooklyn.  I had the privilege of dining at Barboncino, Dellarocco's, and Sottocasa and look forward to returning to each of them.  

I also can't wait for Pizza Month 2013!

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