Saturday, October 22, 2022

Day 19, 2022: Ace's Pizza at Rockefeller Center (Midtown, NYC)


Exterior of Rockefeller Center


Ace's Pizza Outpost on Food Concourse

DAY 19: OCTOBER 19th, 2022

LOCATION: Ace's Pizza (30 Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10112)

GUEST(S): Jay Taylor, Amy Taylor, Michael McLarnon

ORDER: 1 slice of Buffalo Chicken (buffalo sauce, chicken, bleu cheese, celery), 1 slice of Veggie Garden (green peppers, onions, mushrooms), 1 slice of Pepperoni 


Same pie, different vibe. Although the hustle and bustle of a busy Manhattan office building that also happens to be a popular tourist destination is a far cry from the relaxing atmosphere of the original throw-back Williamsburg pizzeria, Ace's Pizza in the food concourse of 30 Rock now offers its award-winning Detroit style pizza in the heart of the Big Apple. At Ace's, the signature crisp caramelized crust surrounding the edge of every slice is not just a sideshow, it's the main event! This fortified and delicious wall contains the copious amounts of high quality toppings layered upon and within it. Somehow these thick slices are both filling and surprisingly light at the same time. I recommend avoiding the lunch rush and over-ordering. Even if you can't find a place to eat it, Ace's pizza travels and reheats.


Veggie Garden pie

Buffalo Chicken pie

Pepperoni pie

slice of pepperoni

outer edge

Day 19



Jay Taylor, Amy Taylor, Michael McLarnon, Sean Taylor

1. Michael McLarnon and Amy Taylor both have Italian ancestors. Michael's are from Sicily and Amy's are from Calabria (the "toe of the boot").

2. Jay Taylor and I were raised in a military household. We grew up attending air shows, creating model air planes and visiting naval ships. So, when I told him there was aircraft carrier holding classic airplanes parked three blocks away from his hotel, we immediately made a midnight trip to the Hudson to see the Intrepid.



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