Thursday, October 13, 2022

Day 11, 2022: Jet's Pizza (UWS, NYC)




DAY 11: OCTOBER 11th, 2022

LOCATION: Jet's Pizza (728 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025)

GUEST(S): Frank Spitznagel, Michele Foor

ORDER: 1 slice of 8 Corner Pizza with Bold Pepperoni and Turbo flavorized crust, 2 slices of Large Thin with sausage


Upper West Side Story. When you are Jet's Pizza fan, you're a Jet's Pizza fan all the way. After 40 years, the storied Detroit chain finally has a foothold in Manhattan's West Side and more are on their way. Why? Because New Yorkers have discovered Detroit style pizza, we like it and Jet's helped define it! Younger pizzerias like Emmy Squared, Ace's, and Lions, Tigers, and Squares first introduced the city to the deep dish rectangular shaped pizza with its signature fried cheese (frico) crusted edges and there is no putting this genie back in the bottle. I love the melted brick mozzarella with the generous amounts of Mama Jett's secret tomato sauce. This combination with the spicy “bold” pepperoni cups is exactly what I want in the center of my pizza. Do not be distracted by the barrage of advertisements for new crust styles, crust flavors, wings, and deserts. Get the Detroit style crust and over order. Detroit style pizza reheats as well as it heats! If the gas-powered conveyor oven doesn't golden-brown the underside, you can finish it at home…which is just as well since dining-in is not an option at this carry-out and delivery only shop. Yet another reason that Jet's would make an ideal choice for an office or home pizza party.


slice of Large Thin with sausage

Underside of Large Thin

Large Thin with Sausage pie

8 Corner Detroit Style pie with Bold Pepperoni

Overhead menu



Frank Spitznagel, Michele Foor, Sean Taylor

1. Frank Spitznagel is the most talented and well-versed musicians I have ever met. He's the Musical Director at the Magnet Theater and can play any song that he has ever heard as good or better than the original artist. Check him out in action at any upcoming Musical Megawatt or Premiere show.

Sean Taylor and Frank Spitznagel

2. Michele Foor's strategy worked! While she secured a picnic table at an outdoor cafe a few blocks away, Frank Spitznagel and I schlepped the pizzas on over.



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12/18 = .667 x 5 = 3.33

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