Sunday, October 13, 2019

Day 9, 2019: Upside Pizza (Midtown, NYC)



DAY 9: OCTOBER 9th, 2019

LOCATION: Upside Pizza (598 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018)

GUEST(S): Todd Piro

ORDER: half a slice of cheese (homemade sauce, house made fresh mozzarella), half a slice of Upside Don (homemade sauce, whole milk mozzarella, homemade breadcrumbs, evoo, Parmigiano-Reggiano), half a slice of Upside Pep, half a slice of Fuzzy Dunlop (House-made Berkshire Sausage, secret spice blend, house pickled peppers)

90’s motif, timeless taste. Dude, Upside Pizza is freakin’ delicious! Don’t be fooled by the hot pink abstract 90’s era logo (nor my dope 90's jargon), Upside Pizza is fresh and serving up some of the most bangin’ slices in Midtown. It’s hard to believe that the same two brothers that dotted the city with dollar slices are responsible for one of the best old school street slices in the city. According to the NY Times, Brothers Eli and Oren Halali consulted with Anthony Falco (of Roberta’s fame) and decided to step up their toppings, preparation and baking techniques with their new endeavor.  This added a few more bones to the price but resulted in a the taste that is all that. There aren’t many options on the menu but each one has been perfected. Mad props to to the staffers that make the in-house fresh mozzarella, season the secret sauce, and expertly manage the naturally leavened dough. It’s always standing-room-only at Upside and it's not just because the pizza is so good but because there are no chairs, no restrooms and very little shelter from the weather. Most of the square footage is dedicated to the top tier gas ovens, the premium ingredients and the talented chefs that make the pizza. Grab a slice and a square and you’re good to go. Upside pizza is the bomb!



Fuzzy Dunlop

Upside Don

Upside Pep

the fiest (all slices cut in half)


make table

day 9
Todd Piro and Sean Taylor

1. Todd Piro and I met at Dartmouth College when we were undergrads. That's where we both first heard about improv comedy. It was fun reminiscing about our life trajectories, epiphanies, and 180' turns. Despite the 20 years apart, we're both now working in New York City and lucky to be married to our respective soulmates.

2. Todd is a news anchor and has a law degree.


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