Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Day 7, 2019: San Matteo Pizza Espresso Bar (UES, NYC)



DAY 7: OCTOBER 7th, 2019

LOCATION: San Matteo Pizza Espresso Bar (1739 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Perri Gross, Ben Koch, Kendall Pabst, Elana Fishbein

ORDER: 3 slice of Margherita (Tomato sauce, homemade mozzarella, basil, olive oil), 1 slice of Burrata Pizza (Fresh burrata, cherry tomatoes, pancetta, basil, and olive oil), 1 slice of Tartufata (Homemade mozzarella, truffle pate', prosciutto di parma, olive oil), 1 slice of Prosciutto e Bufala (Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, parmaham, basil, and olive oil)

A scene from an Italian restaurant. Tucked in the corner of 90th and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper East Side is a quaint wine-lined portal to Italy called San Matteo Pizza Espresso Bar. The decor, the wait staff and every item on the menu are as Italian as it gets. San Matteo's has a “date place” vibe. The romantically close dining quarters ensure an intimate night with your companions. It is so cozy, you'll have to shimmy around the bulbous brick oven to get to the bathroom in the back.  The oven deserves all the space it needs as it churns out some of the most authentic Italian dishes in the area. One of those dishes is pizza! High quality ingredients baked at even higher temperatures results in great tasting traditional and non-traditional pies. Expect a thin under-crust and very puffy outer-crust ideal for bread lovers. With the generous portions of melted handmade fresh mozzarella cheese, you may want to do as the Italians do and "knife-and-fork" it. These premium date-worthy pizzas come at a date-worthy prices but it is a lot less expensive than a flight to Italy.  Want a romantic dinner you won't soon forget? Give San Matteo Pizza Espresso Bar a shot.

Pizza options

Burrata Pizza

Prosciutto e Bufala



Salsiccia e Friarfielli (Homemade mozzarella, sausage, broccoli rabe and olive oil)

slice of Margherita

Day 7


Perri Gross, Kendall, Ben Koch, Elana Fishbein, Robin Rothman, Sean Taylor
1. Elana Fishbein loves waterparks.

2. Perri Gross not only runs an open mic and mainstage show called Everyone is Sad at the Magnet Theater, she has created a supportive community of stand-up comics that value wit over uncomfortable material.

3. Robin Rothman gives good relationship advice and even better relationship.

4. Ben Koch and Kendall Pabst are engaged.  They are performers from North Carolina that have been together since college. Ben is also an eagle scout and one of the House Managers at the Magnet Theater. Kendall knows a lot about musical theater.

this costs $45
5. We split an appetizer that consisted of the largest hunk of homemade fresh mozzarella I have ever seen in my life.  I'm surprised they still had enough cheese left for our pizzas!


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15.5/21 = .738 x 5 = 3.69

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