Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Day 1, 2019: Village Square Pizza (E. Village, NYC)


DAY 1: OCTOBER 1st, 2019

LOCATION: Village Square Pizza (147 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009)

GUEST(S): Arthur Bovino

ORDER: 1 slice of Pepperoni, 1 slice of Vodka

Square on the square. If you are looking for a great square slice of pizza near Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan's East Village, look no further than the appropriately named Village Square Pizza. Of course they also serve the circular pies cut into triangles but listen to the universe and order the square. As a self-identifying square, I acknowledge these squares are actually rectangles but, more importantly, they are delicious. With six to eight choices of quadrilateral offerings, Village Square Pizza has found the right number of options to provide a variety without sacrificing quality. With six to eight stools in the cozy shop, you might prefer to take your slices "to go" and eat them in the park or in some place with a bathroom on nearby St. Marks street. The barebones decor allows the focus of this pizzeria to fall squarely on the pizza. Their signature pepperoni closely resembles one of my favorite slices, the "Spicy Spring," from Prince Street PizzaThe crisp-yet-light crust, melted mozzarella and savory tomato sauce provide a sturdy foundation for the pepperoni cups that are as flavorful as they are photogenic.  I recommend pairing one signature slice with a second, like the Vodka slice. If it’s lunch time, they’ll throw in a soda for free. When you order, over order. Square slices typically reheat well. I intended on testing this out but ended up eating both slices. If I lived around around Village Square Pizza, it would be my go-to spot for a reliable square meal.

the options

Pepperoni square

Vodka square

Pepperoni slice minus a bite

Vodka slice about to get eaten

Day 1

Arthur Bovino and Sean Taylor
1. Arthur Bovino is the pizza-loving genius behind The 101 Best Pizza in America.  This is an amazing list of some of the most celebrated pizzerias across the country.  I have used this list many times over the years and it has NEVER let me down.  Check it out:

2. Arthur and not only share the love of all things pizza, but we're both big baseball fans.  He's a die-hard Yankees fan and I am a life-long Mets fan.  He was born in Queens so he's more of a "New Yorker" than I am but he said I'm a New Yorker too since I've been here for nearly 20 years.

3. Follow Arthur on instagram @nycbestpizza - but not on an empty stomach!



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