Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Day 1, 2018: Lombardi's (Chelsea, NYC)



DAY 1: OCTOBER 1st, 2018

LOCATION: Lombardi's (290 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Angela DeManti, Matt Shafeek, Tony Carnevale

ORDER: 2 slices of pepperoni, 1 slice of Margherita, 2 slices of peppers and onions

Old meets new. Opening a brand new location in Chelsea presents an exciting moment for the  Lombardi family as they now are the proud owners of the oldest and newest pizzerias in the country.  Anyone fortunate enough to live or work in the Chelsea area no longer needs to travel to Little Italy for time tested recipes that date back over a century. The immediate challenge will not be with what is tried and true but with what is new.  Take the electric-powered oven, for instance. Since 1905, Genarro Lombardi's pizza has been heated in a coal-fired brick oven at temperatures approaching 1000 degrees.  The result is a quick bake and a characteristic char that helped define New York style pizza ever since. I have no doubt the Chelsea location will master the oven, the pizza, and any other dish they decide to offer on their menu. History tends to favor Lombardi's and so do I. I look forward to returning to the pristine new dining room surrounded by Italian marble walls beneath beautiful chandeliers for some delicious Lombardi's pizza.


Large pepperoni

Large Margherita

Slice of pepperoni

bite one of slice one on day one

slice of peppers & onion

slice of Margherita

Day 1 #instagram

Peppers & onions

Matt Shafeek, Angela DeManti, Tony Carnevale, Me, and Robin Rothman

1. Matt Shafeek and I both love boardgames.  Fortunately, he didn't have to cancel his prior boardgame night plans in order to join us for pizza.  He wasn't allowed to leave though until he showed Robin Rothman pictures of his two newly adopted cats: Inigo Montoya and Ralph.

2. A year or so ago, Angela DeManti the 500 mile pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago. This year, she did it again, meaning that she is the woman that walked 500 miles then walked 500 more. From the great stories she collected along the way, "el Camino" is something we should all do.

3. Tony Carnevale recently discovered that just because you are in a text conversation with a person, doesn't mean that person is alone.

4. Robin Rothman is working tireless attending shows and performing at open mics in pursuit of getting people to show up for Fringe NYC show called Trudy Carmichael Presents: The Improvised One-Woman Herstory! I'm also in this show so help us out and get your tickets today. (tix available here: https://www.trudycarmichael.com/get-tickets)


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