Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 23, 2016: Joe's Pizza (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

DAY 21: OCTOBER 21st, 2016

LOCATION: Joe's Pizza (216 Bedford Ave, New York, NY 11201)

GUEST(S): Tom Kim, Chuck Divak, Sean Manning, Jami Supsic

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

Joe’s Pizza meets Billy’s burg. How fitting that one of Manhattan’s top New York street slices has found its way to the pizza borough of Brooklyn. Just like the original in Greenwich Village, Joe’s focus is on the product over service and ambiance. Supplying a quality slice has created such a high demand that there wouldn’t be time for pleasantries or enough room to seat patrons anyhow. The foot traffic on Bedford Street keeps the pies fresh and the people of Williamsburg happy. Next time you are in the area, grab one of Joe’s big but fairly-priced, oily, foldable, portable and delicious slices to soak up the craft beer or offset the cost of artisan coffee. Its safe to say that this Joe's expansion is a success. If you are looking for a quintessential New York street slice, I recommend you eat at Joe’s!

The options

Slice of cheese


Day 23

Chuck, ?, Sean, and Tom

1. Chuck Divak and I had softball games in the morning. We had plans to meet after our game but his ended 8 and half innings before mine - so we canceled our pizza plan.  However, he returned after my game to accompany me so I still had a pizza plan thus saving Pizza Month 2016!

2. Tom Kim lives in Washington DC but does his surfing in Costa Rica.

3. Sean Manning is the manager of the Turkey's Nest summer team in the Williamsburg Softball League. This was my rookie season with the Turkeys (Chuck is also on that team). Sean and ? happened to be arriving at Joe's at the same time we did. I don't know many people in Williamsburg but I knew him! As far as I know, Williamsburg is a small town full of good people that constantly run into each other at pizza places.

4. Jami Supsic is going on a safari in Africa!



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14.5/18 = .806 x 5 = 4.03

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