Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 21, 2016: Scarr's Pizza (Chinatown, NYC)

DAY 21: OCTOBER 21st, 2016

LOCATION: Scarr's Pizza (22 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002)

GUEST(S): Robert Acevedo, Shawn Wickens

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of Sicilian

#tbp: Throwback Pizzeria. Scarr’s is a brand new vintage pizzeria. Modeled after the pizzerias of his youth, owner Scarr Pimentel built an 80’s era slice joint in the heart of Chinatown. Complete with a menu of hand-adjusted letters, cramped quarters, a walk-up window, and curved fake wooden booths, Scarr’s has successfully re-created the 80's pizzerias we all know and love.  While you'll pay a bit more for a slice than you would have in the 80s, he managed to keep the cost of the slices close to the cost of a present day train fair. Helping the cause, in more ways than one, is a bar in the back. Serving beer, wine, and sodas on draft only reduces waste and increases appreciation of the classic New York slice. Large and triangular, wet with orange oil, foldable and portable, and oh-so-good. Just like pizza used to be and, thanks to Scarr’s: just like it is today.




Slice of Sicilian

Slice of Cheese

Day 21

Underneath the slice

Shawn and Bob

1. Shawn Wickens is the host of the Bad Theatre Fest which is coming up in early November.  Check it out:

Sean and Robin
2. After pizza, we went to my monthly comedy variety show called Variety Underground. Since my usual cohost, LeMar McLean, was away, Robin stepped in to fill the void.  It was the first time we co-hosted a show together.

Sean with guitar
3. I performed as a singer/songwriter for the first time today.  I sang "Baseball Cap" which is a song I wrote during a blizzard this past year about how much I wanted to watch baseball. My wife sings an amazing cover of it on my podcast here:

Rob Acevedo
4. Robert Acevedo and Shawn Wickens also performed at Variety Underground and did an incredible job doing stand up.  Neither knew they would be performing and yet they both killed.

Shawn Wickens


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