Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 20a, 2016: Lucia Pizza (Flushing, Queens)



DAY 20a: OCTOBER 20th, 2016

LOCATION: Lucia Pizza (13655 Roosevelt Ave B, Flushing, NY 11354)

GUEST(S): Catherine Wing, Bill Buckendorf

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

A quick slice of New York. Since 1962, Lucia Pizza has been serving up the New York street slice in Flushing, Queens it helped to define. With just five stools at a greasy counter and a walk-up window, this grab-and-go slice joint makes no attempt at fine dining. Instead, all of the effort is focused on getting large oil-rich, sauce-heavy slices into the hands of the clamoring masses. This no frills approach has kept the cost of this convenient, portable and filling product beneath the cost of a subway fare (one of the benchmarks of a quintessential New York street slice).  If you are in the vicinity of Flushing’s Main Street and have a hankering, grab a slice of Lucia Pizza, fold it, devour it. Enjoy and repeat.

Slice of Cheese

Day 20

Bill and Catherine
1. Catherine Wing grew up in the area of Flushing, Queens and Lucia was her recommendation. It was nice getting pizza with her again considering the last time she joined me for a slice was Pizza Month 2005.

2. Bill Buckendorf is an improviser and production guru.  He was a key part of the first ever show I was a part of in NYC called NeoTokyo GirlCrush 2040. The day that show closed in 2004 was the last time I got a slice of pizza with him. So, today reunited me with pizza guests from over a decade ago!


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