Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 16, 2016: Aromas (Myrtle Beach, SC)

DAY 16: OCTOBER 16th, 2016

LOCATION: Aromas (1401 Coventry Road Surfside Beach, SC 29575)

GUEST(S): Connell Barrett, Mike "Uber King of Pawleys Island"

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

Myrtle’s Apizza. The alluring aroma of Aroma's will beckon you and the authentic Northeastern style pizza will satisfy your appetite. Owners Tim and Brian Haynes may have left their native Connecticut but they didn’t leave empty-handed. Armed with recipes and pizza preparation techniques and a desire to re-create the neighborhood pizzeria of their youth, they opened Aroma’s. Buy it by the slice and by the pie including specialty pies like the New Haven White Clam. I recommend both. Order some pies for the family and have a slice while you wait! You won’t regret the rich blend of tomato sauce and creamy low moisture mozzarella cheese on the sturdy foldable deck oven crust - unless, of course, you get caught orange-handed with the signature oil running down your arms. If you can’t go to the Northeast for pizza, let Aroma’s bring it to you.

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Two slices of cheese


Day 16
Sean and Mike
Uber King of Pawleys Island
1. Mike "Uber King of Pawleys Island" is a proud retired New York City Police who has connections with everyone from major league umpires to Colbert. In his retirement he keeps busy by playing over 100 rounds of golf a year, gigging around South Carolina with his band called Band on the Rum, and driving Uber. His uber car is loaded up with starburst and double bubble gum and he calls everyone "Hammer." Mike is also a hero for saving pizza month! We were on the way to the airport scheduled to land in LaGuardia around midnight with no pizza prospects. On a whim I asked if he knew of a decent slice in the Myrtle Beach area and he immediately called up "Hammer" and got the Aromas recommendation.  Thanks, Mike!

2. Connell Barrett and I played golf at Caledonia today. We only had time for 9 holes since we had to get back to the airport. That course is gorgeous. There is a guy that serves "complimentary chowder" on the way to the first and tenth hole. Connell shot a 38 and, well, I lost fewer balls than I thought I would have. We had a blast and hope to return one day.



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JB said...

Decent looking slice for SC.