Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 14, 2016: Corrados Pizza (N. Myrtle Beach, SC)

DAY 14: OCTOBER 14th, 2016

LOCATION: Corrados Pizza (3303 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582)

GUEST(S): Connell Barrett, Chris King

ORDER: 1 slice of House Special (Cheese, Sausage, Mushrooms and Onions)

Pizza party spot. Corrados is a solid pizzeria in Myrtle Beach in more ways than one. A week after hurricane Matthew ripped through the area, Corrados stood strong and unfazed, offering slices of neighborhood-favorite pies.  The spacious dining area makes it ideal for a post-little league celebration or a family pizza night out.  Let the kids enjoy cheese pulls with the melted mozzarella while the adults enjoy the sausage, mushrooms and onion medley of the House Special.   While no single ingredient stands out, the freshly cut veggies, flavorful meats and rich tomato sauce combine with the melted mozzarella and sturdy deck oven crust for a better than average pie for an average or special occasion.

House Special

Slice of House Special


Day 14

Connell and Chris
1. Connell Barrett, Chris King and I got pizza after playing 18 holes of golf at the Barefoot Resort Love course. We teed off at 7:24am just as the sun was rising.  After pizza, we played another 18 holes of atTidewater Golf Club. We ended just as the sun was setting. Sure we were in a cart but 36 holes of golf is exhausting and according to my fitbit, we nearly walked 20,000 steps. I probably walked more than my golf partners since I hit more errant shots.

2. Hurricane Matthew hit Myrtle Beach pretty hard last week. Its sad to see so many fallen and snapped trees.  I am amazed to see how quickly the golf courses address the damage and remove it.  


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  •  3/3
14/21 = .667 x 5 = 3.33

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JB said...

18 holes is more frustration than I can take in a day. 36 followed by nasty pizza? Oy vey!