Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 25, 2015: Imo's Pizza (St. Louis, MO)

DAY 25: OCTOBER 25th, 2015

LOCATION: Imo's Pizza (Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark, 1 S Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

ORDER: 1/2 of a 12" Sausage

Gateway to provel cheese. Imo's is more than a St. Louis pizza chain, it's an institution. With over 90% of the over 90 locations centered around the city, Imo's has been serving the quintessential St. Louis slice since 1964 - and that slice is topped with provel cheese. The savory blend of swiss, provolone, and cheddar creates the powerful molten hot burst of liquid cheese that either endears the pizza to the consumer or does just the opposite. Pro-vel or Anti-vel? That is the question.  Taste it for yourself before trusting reviews. The signature cheese topped square-cut gas powered cracker thin crust may more closely resemble a nacho than a pizza.  If you don't like nachos, Imo's may not be for you.  I love nachos and admire the St. Louis unconventional take on traditional pizza. Resist the urge to add too many toppings.  Not only may they result in uneven heating of the pie, you won't taste them over the provel.  I recommend Imo's as a change of pace for everyone, particularly those of us that eat 31 straight days of pizza.


12" sausage
two sections of 12" sausage
underside of a section of a 12" sausage
Day 25

Robin and Imo's
1. Robin Rothman and I went up to the top of the Gateway Arch.  Apparently it is 3 days away from its 50th birthday. They are asking anyone who has ever visited to submit photos to celebrate its past. Here is mine.
The Gateway Starch
2. We drove from St. Louis to Indianapolis.  If you do this, remember the time zone change.  We didn't and it cost us a meal at Cracker Barrel.



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