Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 22, 2015: Pizza Lucé (Minneapolis, MN)

DAY 22: OCTOBER 22nd, 2015

LOCATION: Pizza Lucé (119 N 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55401)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Katie Mardis, George Ury

ORDER: 1 slice of Lucé (Italian sausage, fresh garlic, onion, mozzarella, red sauce), 1 slice of baked potato (broccoli, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and chopped bacon), 1 slice of Shrimp Pesto ( pesto, bruschetta tomatoes, plump shrimp, mozzarella and toasted garlic), half a slice of Blue Dog (San Marzano tomatoes, fresh arugula, roasted asparagus, chopped bacon, red onion, blue cheese and mozzarella)

Wish they all could be California pizzas.  Pizza Lucé's good vibrations come from both its chic motif and its pizza style.  The hip and spacious dining area with a bar complete with a vast array of craft brews and fine wine also features creatively complex pizzas.  Layering high quality ingredients in unique combinations atop a light yet crisp gas powered crust put the North 4th Street location on the Minneapolis map.  Throngs of loyal customers have since put several other locations on many other maps. The baked potato pie, for instance, comes loaded with broccoli, cheddar cheese, chopped bacon and diced tomato with a side of sour cream.  It's an inventive new way to eat a loaded baked potato. There is even a pizza with shrimp on it - in the middle of a landlocked state! I'm told a Minnesota winter requires hot and hearty meals. Pizza Lucé provides that and a nod in the direction of the California sun. It also provides leftovers perfectly suited for avoiding the outside - when the temperature drops below zero.

Baked Potato pie

The Lucé

Shrimp Pesto

Blue Dog pie

A slice of the Lucé

A slice of the Shrimp Pesto

George, Katie, and Robin
1. Katie Mardis is putting us up (and putting up with us) in Minneapolis.  She drew us a map of the area which she said was not drawn to scale.  Her mother and my mother are friends from high school. Katie's father was the mayor of Evansdale, Iowa.
2.  George Ury knows how to use an infrared camera.
Nice Ride bike share
View from the Guthrie
3. Robin Rothman and I spent the day riding bikes around Minneapolis using the bike share program called "Nice Ride."  The view from the Guthrie of the Mississippi River is breathtaking.


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