Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 13, 2015: Rubirosa (NoLita, NYC)

DAY 13: OCTOBER 13th, 2015

LOCATION: Rubirosa (235 Mulberry St, NoLita, NYC)

GUEST(S): Kara Dudley

ORDER: 2 slices of Classic (tomato, mozzarella), 2 slices of Rubirosa Supreme (Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, mini meatball, roasted garlic)

Simply perfect.  Rubirosa serves the best pizza in Little Italy and amongst the best in the city. Technically, it is just north of tourist-infested area but the two block pilgrimage toward the pizza shaped sign is more than worth it. Topped with creamy mozzarella melted in cubes upon a rich bed of savory tomato sauce spread to the edge of a thin crisp crust, the basic components of a Rubirosa pizza are anything but "basic." With such a firm foundation of quality and a full menu of Italian dishes, it is not surprising that the signature topping pizzas delight the appetite as well.  The high quality and well-distributed ingredients complement each other creating a flavor that is even better than the sum of its parts.  The Rubirosa Supreme, for instance, creates a salty-sweet medley by combining hand cut spicy pepperoni, diced basil, and flavorful meatballs atop a firm crust that is both strong enough to withstand the weight of the ingredients and yet soft enough to fold like a typical New York slice. This pizza not only defies previous exceptions of pizza but the laws of physics! At the core of each pie are simple ingredients cooked expertly in a gas powered oven by a family that has been in the industry long before Rubirosa's 2010 opening. The seemingly simple recipe that was perfected at Joe and Pat's is just as good now as it was over 50 years ago. While it is nearly impossible to improve upon the Staten Island institution, Rubirosa does a great job of replicating the magic and they do so at lot closer to home - my home.  And if I had my way, Rubirosa would be my home.

Rubirosa Supreme

Slice of Supreme


Day 13

LtoR: Kara Dudley, Cheese pizza
1. Kara Dudley has a multimedia blog called Kara Takes NYC where she explores the "Best Manhattan has to offer."  She interviewed me during our pizza date with some pretty sweet video production equipment and if all goes well, you'll be able to see it at  Here is the video of the interview:

2. I met one of the owners of Rubirosa!

Two longtime Mets fans
3. After pizza, I went to my first postseason Mets game.  I spent more on this one ticket than I had for all the regular season games I have been to in the last five years - combined.  But, the Mets had a 2 games to 1 lead on the Dodgers poised to clinch a berth to the National League Championship Series (NLDS).  So really, I had to go.  The only thing standing in their way was Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw.  Unfortunately, that proved to be quite an obstacle as he mowed the Mets down in a pitching duel with Mets starter Steve Matz. When the dust settled, the Dodgers were on top 3 to 1, forcing a game five back in Los Angeles on Thursday.  I hope this isn't the last opportunity I have to see a Mets playoff game this year but, if it is, I'm glad I went.  Also, I can't afford to go again.


View from my seats

Meat the Mets slice from CitiField Two Boots Pizzeria


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