Friday, June 5, 2015

Di Fara adds a Slicey to the Wall of Fame

Dom DeMarco holding the Slicey Award
Dominic DeMarco has been slinging award-winning pizzas in his Midwood, Brooklyn Pizzeria since 1964.  I can safely say that he and his pizzzeria called Di Fara have won more pizza praise than any I have ever visited.  As a matter of fact, his dining area is jam-packed with not one, not two,  but three "Walls of Fame."  I hope they have enough room for the 31daysofpizza Slicey Award which I was privileged to present to the man himself last March. 

Why does the award say 2008?
I only started giving out pizza awards in 2007 and, not suprisingly, Dom DeMarco won for BEST TASTING SLICE.  If you have 3 minutes and 48 seconds, here is a video of the first awards ceremony.

The next year, the pizza award was given a name, the Slicey.  Several years later, my brother and I created an actual placard in his woodshed to be awarded to my favorite pizzerias and pizza-makers. Dom DeMarco is the king of this arena and I am very happy he accepted my Slicey!

Interior (Wall of Fame on right)

The money-maker

Exterior of Di Fara (Midwood, Brooklyn)

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