Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 4, 2014: Bella's (Jenkintown, PA)

DAY 4: OCTOBER 4th, 2014

LOCATION: Bella's Restaurant & Pizzeria (501 Old York Rd, Jenkintown, PA)

ORDER: 1 slice of mushroom, 1 slice of margherita

GUEST(S): The Rothmans and the Shores

REVIEW: Solid Pizza from a solid neighborhood pizzeria.  Full disclosure: all of my pizza guests and I had fasted the entire day in observance of Yom Kippur before the pizza was presented.  Needless to say, it did not take long for all of our first slices to disappear.  I opted for and recommend the margherita.  The creamy fresh mozzarella atop the rich cooked tomato sauce provided the quintessential one-two flavor punch that makes pizza so enjoyable.  When ordering take out or delivery, remember to grab some condiments such as a grated cheese, diced basil, crushed red pepper or some garlic to complement the firm gas powered deck oven crust.  If you live in the area, check out Bella's.


Mushroom, half gone
Mushroom pie, untouched


These are pizza boxes full of pizza

1. Pizza was part of the break-fast ending Yom Kippur.  Yom Kippur is the Jewish "day of atonement."  No one had eaten since sundown the prior day so, needless to say, we were pretty hungry.
2. Since I married my wife, I have been a part of several Jewish holidays including Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Passover, and Yom Kippur - if a day of atoning and not eating is considered a holiday.

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10.5/18 = .583 x 5 = 2.917

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