Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 13, 2014: Maswik Lodge (Grand Canyon, AZ)

DAY 13: OCTOBER 13th, 2014

LOCATION: Maswik Lodge (Grand Canyon, AZ)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

ORDER: 1 slice of pepperoni, 1 bite of supreme

Pizza is a grand option!  Set among the Ponderosa Pines on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, The Maswik Lodge is the perfect place to take a break and recharge from the winding trails at 7,000 feet above sea level.  It offers visitors a place to stay, a gift shop, restrooms, cafeteria, and lo and behold, a pizza joint!  Pizza Pub, as advertised, offers three different pizza choices and several beverage options.  Skylights pour Arizona sunlight across the warm wood-paneled interior of the dining area and illuminate the hard-working pizzaioli while they reheat slices in one of two gas-powered ovens. Toppings are the way to go with these slices.  While the chewy crust and the aged mozzarella offer a solid foundation architecturally, the taste is determined by the additional ingredients.  I find pepperoni and black olives provide the most potential in the flavor department.  I strongly recommend everyone visit the Grand Canyon.  No amount of words can convey the sheer magnitude of awe that this national treasure will inspire.  And, if, while you are there, it's pizza you crave, you are in luck because they serve it at the Maswik Lodge!   

Entrance to Pizza Pub
The options
Pizziolo with two types of ovens
Nice Cashier
Pepperoni slice
Supreme slice
Robin likes olives
1. The Grand Canyon is the most photogenic place I have ever been.  The unique rock formations, distinct colors, vast shadows, and breathtaking depths are impossible to put into words.  I seriously doubt my iPhone photos even do it justice.  The Grand Canyon is awesome!
No such thing as a bad photograph of the Grand Canyon
2. Robin Rothman and I are not used to hiking at high altitudes.  We cut our ambitious hike in half once we realized we were out of breath even going downhill.
On the trail
3. Sunrises and Sunsets are unreal in the Grand Canyon.
Silhouette of a Photographer at Sunset in the Grand Canyon

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9.5/18 = .5278 x 5 = 2.6389

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Honeykitz said...

So glad you had the real canyon experience--and stayed in a lodge.