Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 6, 2013: Big Sur Bakery (Big Sur, CA)

DAY 6: OCTOBER 6th, 2013

LOCATION: Big Sur Bakery (47540 California 1, Big Sur, CA)

ORDER: 7/8 of a personal traditional tomato sauce and cheese pizza pie

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

Breathtaking scenery, mouthwatering pizza!  They tell you not to drive too quickly along California's  Pacific Coast highway because of the hairpin turns but I have another reason - the Big Sur Bakery.  Just off Highway 1, tucked amongst the majestic splendor of the Big Sur is a rugged yet fancy restaurant with fine wine and a highly selective seasonal menu.  Fortunately, wood-fired pizza is one of the options offered year-round. Eating food in a house built in 1936 along side other hungry travelers in the cool quiet of the night is a truly sublime experience.  I neglected to mention that the food was curated by Michelle Rizzolo, a chef who used to work at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.  That explains the perfectly sculpted crisp outer edge with just enough char, a generously portioned tomato sauce and the well distributed creamy fresh mozzarella cheese.  So good you may want to take a photos, but don't do it!  It says explicitly on the menu "no cell phones or computers inside the restaurant, show some class."   And that is what the Big Sur Bakery is, classy.

There is a small parking lot in the front on about a 30' incline so double check your parking break is on.



Underside of a Margherita

1. It was late when Robin Rothman and I got into our cabin tent in the Big Sur...not too late for a campfire though.  We roasted marshmallows until we were the only ones still outside - then when we heard rustling in the bushes we decided it WAS too late for a campfire.

2.  I have never seen trees as tall as the California redwoods.  
Robin amongst the giant redwoods

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16.5/21 = .786 x 5 = 3.93

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