Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 23, 2013: Pizzetteria Brunetti (W. Village, NYC)

DAY 23: OCTOBER 23rd, 2013

LOCATION: Pizzetteria Brunetti (626 Hudson St, W. Village, NYC)

ORDER: 1 slice of San Gennaro (tomato sauce, sweet Italian sausage, peppers, onions, ricotta) , 2 slices of Vongole (white clam pie)

GUEST(S): Adam Kuban

The best of Long Island meets the best of Naples.  Fortunately for residents of the West Village, the  Brunetti boys have opened an outpost serving up the same proven recipes that put the original West Hampton Pizzetteria Brunetti on the map.  Their signature pie, the Vongole, is one near and dear to the owner's heart and even nearer to my stomach.  The chopped Long Island Clams and garlic herb butter meld together into a delicious savory symphony of flavor that serves as a dipping sauce for the soft, puffy wood-fired sea-salted outer rim.  Considering practically everyone on the payroll hails from Italy, you can count on authentically prepared pies every time.  I recommend the clam pie or keeping it simple.  Michael Brunetti, a self-admitted pizza purist, also swears by his Marinara and Margherita pies.  Despite the spacious dining area and patio, it gets busy on weekend nights.  So, avoid the rush and opt for the lunch special.  Don't be surprised if you get visited by the Brunetti owners while you're there.  They take an active role in satisfying all their patrons and, frankly, love to talk.  Pizzetteria Brunetti more than satisfied my desire for good pizza, it created a craving inside me that can only be satiated by a return visit.



 1.  Adam Kuban, founder of (, has a baby and works at Paulie Gee's once a week.  He's also friends with the owners of Pizzetteria Brunetti and had previously met them while visiting the original location in West Hampton.  He also has a cleverly named blog called Famous Original A where he even wrote about our pizza date!  Check it out here:
2. I met owners Michael and Jason Brunetti of Pizzetteria Brunetti and found out before going into the pizza making business the father and son worked in a hair salon and in the auto industry. 

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