Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 18, 2013: Best Pizza (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

DAY 18: OCTOBER 18th, 2013

LOCATION: Best Pizza (33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY)

ORDER: 1 slice of grandma, 1 slice of cheese, 1 bite of veggie pie, 1 bite of white pie

GUEST(S): Lindsay DeRose 

If not the "Best," definitely one of the "Better."  When it comes to striving to produce a quality slice each and every time, Best Pizza deserves some recognition.  I do not think even the devotees think it is"best pizza" they have ever had but, for a by-the-slice pizzeria, it's on the right track.  Not often do I see high quality ingredients like fresh basil, homemade mozzarella cheese, creamy ricotta and multiple types of herb-infused tomato sauces at a slice joint.  Furthermore, the pies are cooked in a wood-powered oven.  With heat that hot, there may be some imperfections - that's just the nature of the beast.  But, that doesn't stop the pizza maker from trying to give you the best slice he can.  And it's that ambitious attempt that I find most admirable. Best Pizza offers four different pie options including the plain cheese, the grandma, the veggie, and the white pie.  There is something for everyone and nothing more.  Expect a well constructed slice.  Expect an evenly cooked crust that is crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.  Expect will distributed high quality toppings.  Don't expect the "Best Pizza" - unless, of course, you order the Grandma slice.

Cheese slice (leaf blew off when I picked it up)

Veggie slice

White pie



1. Lindsay DeRose traveled all around Florida playing volleyball in high school.  She also dabbled in softball a little and promises to be a part of my softball-for-comedians league called Funnyball in 2014.
2. Here are the producers of the New York Musical Improv Festival (NYMIF).  
Lisa Flanagan, TJ Mannix, and Robin Rothman

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