Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 16, 2013: 7-Eleven (Chelsea, NYC)

DAY 16: OCTOBER 16th, 2013

LOCATION: 7-Eleven (368 8th Ave, Chelsea, NYC)

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Quinton Loder

Pizza when there is no other option.  7-Eleven is not a pizzeria.  And yet they got pizza - basking in the uneven glow of the display case heat lamp. For about a dollar per slice, you can get a piece of a 14" pepperoni or four cheese pie "Fresh to go" according to the cardboard carryout box. Since there is no dining area, the "to go" portion of that phrase is very appropriate. Due to the consistency and age of the crust a more apt phrase might be "spongy to go."  That said, the tomato sauce and four cheese blend of romano, parmesan, mozzarella, and provolone combine to provide enough flavor to make the slice not just edible but downright palatable. When you just have to have a slice, like to fulfill a dare or some random quest to eat a slice by midnight, 7-Eleven is there and likely open.  After all, 7-Eleven is a convenience store so, while you're at it, grab a trademark slurpee and an antacid. 



1. Quinton Loder is an eagle scout.  He also is the captain of the Magnet Theater softball team and helps me organize Funnyball - a softball league for comedians.
2. We ate our slices in the lobby of the Magnet Theater where both Quinton and I do improv comedy on a weekly basis.  He's on a resident ensemble team named The Boss and I'm a member of Junior Varsity.
3. I spoke to my nephew on FaceTime today.  He knows I live in New York City.  Smart kid.

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